Micro Molding

Micro-molded components


  • Micro injection-molded parts in millions of variations
  • Components weighing under 0.00004 oz (0.001g)
  • Thin-wall molding with wall thicknesses as thin as 0.006 in (0.15 mm)
  • Components molded consistently and with extreme precision
  • Expert, in-house mold building and decades of experience

Examples of use

  • Receiver protection for an in-ear hearing aid
  • Incision template for exact trocar placement during eye surgery
  • Overmolded tube for cardiovascular applications
  • Disposable biopsy forceps
  • Component for soft mist inhalers
  • Drive components for drug delivery devices
  • Grommets

micro molding example of a template used in eye surgery

Tegra Medical Molding Technologies

Molded frame for the sound processor in a hearing implant

Injection Molding

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Micro-molded components

Micro Molding

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Hearing aid part

Two-Shot & Insert Molding

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Injection Mold Closeup

In-House Mold Making

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