Prototyping and product development

Get your devices to market sooner and smarter.

Developing the prototype

GENESIS Tech Center services

Tegra Medical’s GENESIS Tech Center® services include prototyping, development, and pilot production, so you can focus on designing and selling your medical devices.

These product-launching services are the first step of our true end-to-end manufacturing solutions, working in concert with production, assembly and packaging. From the “business end” to the handle and everything in between we tackle your entire project. Learn more in our sales sheet for prototyping and development.

Design for efficient manufacturing

Design For Manufacturing (DFM) reduces cost, increases quality and shortens the development cycle of your medical device. Together, we can explore alternatives in processes and materials, and immediately see the cost impact.



We manufacture your prototypes to spec so you can get them into the lab or clinical trials and ultimately to market sooner. All facilities use the same type or even the exact same pieces of manufacturing equipment for prototyping as our lean production environment.

Our prototyping expertise means that once your design is frozen and the manufacturing process has been established, the scale-up for your commercial launch is seamless.

Pilot production

Meet tough deadlines for product or process evaluations, one-off product builds, and prototypes.

Pilot-produce single-level components or finished assemblies. We offer complete documentation and traceability as required.

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