In-House Injection Mold Making

Precise mold making

Unmatched Mold Making Expertise

A molded product is only as good as the mold it came out of.   And the mold is only as good as the team that designs and builds it.

With the most experienced and dedicated mold makers brought to us from Stamm AG, which was formed in 1947 and is where they set the industry standard for precision, we are world renown for the highest quality standards in mold making.

We design and build molds only for the products we manufacture for our customers, ensuring that quality is inherent in the end-to-end process of molding precise components.

In-House Mold Making Advantages

In-house mold making is recognized as the gold standard for complex injection molding projects. 

Our team of engineers, toolmakers, production staff, and quality experts collaborate to analyze, strategize, and make recommendations for each mold. No metal is cut until they all agree on the best path forward.

The in-house tooling also guarantees a fast response time to change requests and reliable timelines for the completion of projects.

Injection Mold
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Complex Injection Molds

We specialize in complex projects that require the most intricate and precise molds.

With up to 500 individual components, our molds include special features, very tight tolerances, and complex, often extremely tiny geometries.

One mold can be constructed of more than ten types of stainless steel, depending on its requirements. The mold design must take into account not just the geometry of the part, but also the characteristics (such as the temperature) of the plastic being used.

Each Mold is an Investment

A well designed and built mold can be good for millions of shots before needing refurbishment, making it a wise investment in the lifetime value of a product.

We partner with customers early in the process to collaborate on Design for Manufacturability (DFM). This early engineering support helps us maintain the highest levels of precision while producing millions of components.

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In-House Mold Making

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