VP Mike Treleaven in New Medtech Innovators Video

What does it really mean to offer end-to-end contract manufacturing? Tegra Medical VP Mike Treleaven explains the nuances in a December 2019 video filmed at DeviceTalks.

Mike Treleaven is always the “go-to guy” for expert answers. At the recent DeviceTalks West event WTWH Media selected Mike as one of the industry experts to interview for their video Medtech Innovations.

In the video, Mike explains how Tegra Medical is a true end-to-end manufacturer. Many medical device manufacturers that specialize in either metal or plastic claim to offer end-to-end services, but just manage the supply chain. Tegra Medical has the expertise for intricate work with both metal and plastic that many other suppliers cannot handle.  This means that a single manufacturer can support customers all the way through the process of making their devices.

Today’s medical device regulatory processes are growing increasingly more stringent. With one supplier – a true end-to-end provider – there is a single Quality Management System overseeing the entire project.  Tegra Medical is especially adept with the quality of instruments’ metal tips. With our careful processes, we know how to keep the sharp metal tips from losing their edge during the rest of the manufacturing process, particularly during insert molding.

Mike ended by answering a question about the increasing scope of work medical device manufacturers are asked to undertake for their customers. As he explains, this dovetails with the story of Tegra Medical, which was created by merging several smaller companies with expertise in different technologies. The result is a single supplier with the synergies to offer true end-to-end contract manufacturing, not just supply chain management.

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