Mike Treleaven quoted in ODT MIS article

Tegra Medical’s SVP Engineering Mike Treleaven was interviewed for the article “Orthopedic’s Moves Toward Minimally Invasive” in the July/August issue of ODT Magazine. The article discusses how procedures that are less invasive than more traditional surgeries are appealing for a number of beneficial factors they offer.

One of the important points Mike brought to ODT’s attention was disposable endoscopes. As Mike pointed out, endoscopes are now being used in conjunction with tools to access parts of the body that were not easily accessed before, serving as “working channels” that go beyond the role of just carrying lights and cameras. For example, endoscopes can be used for procedures such as tissue removal for biopsies or suturing.

Also, although they have traditionally been reusable, there is now a market for disposable endoscopes. Traditional endoscopes are expensive to reprocess, repair, and autoclave to make them ready for reuse. Disposables reduce cleaning and maintenance costs and time. They also reduce infections from inefficient cleaning. Mike notes that particularly with COVID-19, it has become important to use single-use endoscopes for bronchial procedures to avoid hospital-acquired infections in COVID patients. He expects to see an increased demand in single-use endoscopes that are cost-effective to manufacture.

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