Interns, co-ops, and apprentices

Develop your talent

Whether you are a student or switching careers, learning on the job is a great way to get started in the fast-growing medical device industry. It puts you right where the action is, providing learning opportunities not available in any classroom.

At Tegra Medical, we love developing new talent. We work closely with you to make sure you have all the instruction, guidance and resources you need to develop your potential.

Engineering students

Tegra Medical works with interns and co-ops from a range of schools, including colleges, community colleges, vocational colleges, and vocational high schools. For example, in our Massachusetts facilities we’ve had interns from Blackstone Valley Tech, Assabet Valley Tech, and Bristol-Plymouth Regional Tech, and co-ops from Wentworth, Northeastern and Diman Regional Vocational.

Download the brochure for the Massachusetts State Certified Apprentice Programs to learn more.

At the Tegra Medical facility in Hernando, Mississippi we work with interns and co-ops from schools including Brigham Young University, University of Mississippi, Mississippi State, Christian Brothers University, and Northwest Community College. We also offer a unique program where we allow our own employees to be interns and learn new skills.

Engineering students will find that at Tegra Medical they gain valuable experience while working on customer challenges in the entire product lifecycle, from prototyping to full-scale production. For students interested in high-level, skilled manufacturing, we offer hands-on experience in areas such as CNC Swiss machining, precision grinding and Electric Discharge Machining (EDM). Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities offer many opportunities to learn about lean manufacturing, Six Sigma and many engineering, quality and regulatory standards.

Andrew getting his certificate


Our unique four-year toolmaker apprentice program accepts two students who are required to enroll in engineering programs at local colleges. The company pays their tuition and a salary, then promotes them to journeyman toolmaker positions when they graduate.

Advanced manufacturing combines information technology with advanced machinery, and requires highly-skilled employees. The four-year program, which has been implemented in Tegra Medical’s Franklin location and may be extended to other locations, accepts two students who are required to enroll in engineering programs at local colleges. The company pays their tuition and a salary, then promotes them to journeyman toolmaker positions when they graduate.

Apprentices spend 40 hours a week working with Tegra Medical’s GENESIS Tech Center® (GTC) team, which is devoted to prototyping and product development. They learn all aspects of machining including how to plan a machining job, programming the machines, and doing CAD drawing and solid modeling. At least 95-percent of the apprentices’ time at Tegra Medical is spent on the job. They juggle these responsibilities with their college course load.

“We put apprentices right into the thick of things at our GTC,” said Brian Rua, Director of Support Services and the apprentice program manager. “Here, the apprentices are exposed to every kind of machining we do. They’re working on real projects, and learning from all the engineers, toolmakers, maintenance, quality and program managers who are refining customers’ medical device designs and figuring out the most efficient ways to manufacture them.”

Tegra Medical is unusual in having this apprentice program. This makes it a popular choice for students graduating from local vocational high schools.


Applying for positions

We generally work with several manufacturing and engineering co-ops from local technical high schools and colleges in each location. The hours worked depends on the school and the particular assignment. We also have a unique, full-time, four-year tool-making internship program.

If you’re enrolled in an engineering or technical program, we’re interested in talking to you. Please send your resume and cover letter to one of the addresses below.

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