Prototyping & Development

Launching a new product is a huge commitment. Tegra Medical partners with you by providing dedicated GENESIS Tech Center® resources that are focused 100-percent on prototyping, development and pilot production. These product-launching services are the first step in the end-to-end manufacturing solutions we offer, working in concert with full production, assembly and packaging. From the “business end” of your device to the handle and everything in between, we’ll tackle your project from start to finish.

Franklin, MA is the original home of our GENESIS Tech Center expertise, with a dedicated 18,000-sq.ft. space. We’ve now extended the product-launching concepts to all our locations.

Launch your products



Our prototyping and development services are all geared towards manufacturing your prototypes to spec so you can get them into the lab or clinical trials and ultimately to market sooner. All facilities use the same type or even the exact same pieces of manufacturing equipment for prototyping as our lean production environment. Our prototyping expertise means that once your design is frozen and the manufacturing process has been established, the scale-up for your commercial launch is seamless.

3D Prototyping


Tegra Medical's 3D printing helps keep your project timelines on track by testing how well plastic parts will function in days instead of weeks, as required with traditional mold tooling. This technology allows rapid prototyping of components available in several colors of rigid opaque and a polypropylene-like polymer. It’s extremely valuable when determining whether a design provides for a snap fit with a mating component or requires a spring-like capability to function as desired.

3D printing is instrumental in providing fast turnaround for prototype metal and plastic devices or instruments. In addition to manufacturing functional prototypes, 3D printing technology provides fast, low-volume custom tooling to expedite fixturing for metal manufacturing processes such as laser processing, EDM, forming and machining. Tegra Medical currently offers this service in the GENESIS Tech Center locations.

3D Grouping

Design for Manufacturing and Assembly

The best time to take cost out of a product is during the design stages. We can help you quickly assess different approaches and settle on the best solution to meet your project needs. And when the design is frozen and ready for production, we’ll handle all the qualifications and validations. We use SolidWorks® , AutoCAD® , MiniTab® and Microsoft® Project to support your programs, and have a machine shop with a skilled staff of process development engineers and highly-experienced technicians.

Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA) reduces cost, increases quality and shortens the development cycle of your medical device. Together, we can explore alternatives in processes and materials, and immediately see the cost impact.

Pilot Production

Our pilot production uses the same machining capabilities as our regular production facilities.We'll help you meet tough deadlines for product or process evaluations, one-off product builds and prototypes.

We can pilot-produce single-level components or finished assemblies. We offer complete documentation and traceability as required, but also have the flexibility to adapt to your product and schedule requirements.

All Tegra Medical facilities include the support and services you need for successful product launches. Learn more about the product-launching services available in our sales sheet for prototyping and development.

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