Is your device sharp enough?

Tegra Medical is renown in the industry for making sharp tips and keeping them sharp throughout the entire manufacturing process.

Why it matters

To do their job well, single-use medical devices have specialized, sharp “business ends.” They are made with metal characterized by its ability to be made very sharp.

After the medical procedure they are no longer sharp (or clean) and are discarded. No one wants shots with used needles or surgery with devices that aren’t new, clean, and sharp.   

But those sharp edges can get dull before a device ever gets in the hands of a medical professional.


Why it’s a challenge

Sharp Tips

It’s one thing to manufacture a device with a sharp edge. But the bigger challenge is to keep it sharp. Not all medical device manufacturers are as careful as Tegra Medical at creating and maintaining sharpness. Their devices can lose their edges as they make their way through manufacturing, assembly, and packaging.

There are many opportunities to damage sharp tips. Insert molding is a frequent culprit. Companies that specialize in plastics don’t have the metals expertise to safeguard sharp metal before, during, and after molding.

How to stay sharp

Breast Biopsy Needle

Keeping the “business end” sharp is a discipline throughout all of Tegra Medical. You could say that it’s part of our DNA. Working with metal has been our core competency since day one, so our people know how to make it sharp and keep it sharp.

Not only does this mean customers get the sharpest tips, it reduces injuries during production, creates less scrap, and increases manufacturing efficiency.

This is what it means to offer true end-to-end manufacturing services: your device won’t lose its edge during molding, assembly, packaging, or at any other point during the entire manufacturing process.

Get sharp. Stay sharp.  We make a point of it.

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