Is it sharp enough?

Tegra Medical is renown in the industry for making sharp tips and keeping them sharp throughout the entire manufacturing process.

How sharp do you need it?

Wicked sharp!

The metal “business end” of a device can be very delicate.  The soft metal is good for one or two cuts.  So, sharpness is critical. At Tegra Medical we are renown for our ability to keep the sharp parts sharp. 

Needles retain sharp edge after insert molding

Not all medical device manufacturers are as careful as we are. Their devices can lose their edge as they make their way through the manufacturing process, particularly during insert molding.

sharp guide insert

Keeping it sharp is a discipline throughout our entire organization. Your device won’t lose its edge during molding, assembly, packaging, or at any other point during the process.

Get sharp. Stay sharp.  We make a point of it.

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