Tegra Medical CEO Interviewed in MPO

Tegra Medical President and CEO J. Mark King was interviewed along with several other industry leaders for this feature in the May 2017 MPO magazine.

Bigger, Stronger, Faster

Strategic relationships with CMOs enable OEMs to exceed their own limitations.

As healthcare continues to be such an area of attention for headlines, it’s no surprise that more companies are seeking to get involved in the marketplace to offer solutions to the array of growing concerns such as chronic diseases, cancer, and diabetes, not to mention an aging baby boomer population. Most notable of late is the entrance of tech industry leaders such as Apple, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Samsung, and Amazon, among others. These companies bring a unique skill set that’s not commonly seen in healthcare, including consumer design, data management, and Internet of Things familiarity. Given the direction healthcare is headed, all of these are valuable assets and make these companies new threats to traditional medical device OEMs (original equipment manufacturers).

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