Custom Service
Hypotube and Wire Treatment Details
Abrasive Cutting
Our standard cutting method for 5-day custom cut orders of 500 units or less. The ends are burred and sharp, and require additional end treatment operations such as deburring or end rounding. Standard tolerance is +/- .050" to +/- .250".
Electrochemical Cutting
Electrochemical cutting uses a specially designed cutting wheel, electrolyte solution, and electricity to effectively and precisely “cut" through wire and tubing providing a square, burr-free cut. Standard tolerance is +/- .005" to +/- .030" dependent on cut length. Typical lead time is 5-7 working days.
Grit Blasting
By blasting media at the end of a tube or wire we roughen the surface, creating a non-shiny surface better for adhering to pieces like plastic hubs or handles.
Precision Shear Cutting
Spooled material is automatically fed and shear cut. This method of cutting produces a small burr of .001” to .002”, which can be removed by adding an end treatment. Standard tolerance is +/- .005" to +/- .030". Typical lead time is 5-7 working days.
Centerless Grinding
Precision grinding is available on all inventory or customer supplied materials. Standard diameter is +/-.0002”, however tolerances as tight as +/-.00005” are possible. Typical lead time is 1 to 2 weeks, based on quantity and material availability.
End Treatments
End treatments range from a simple break edge to a full radius end. Typical lead time 3-5 working days.
Finishing Operations
Various custom finishing operations are available including passivation, ultrasonic cleaning, electropolishing, grit blasting, laser abrasion, laser marking and more. Lead time varies depending on quantities and operations.
Custom Mandrels
Fast turnaround on custom ground mandrels, which we manufacture to your specifications. Custom features can include steps, tapers and flats.
We offer several coatings with varying degrees of thickness. We'll custom-grind the base material to achieve the final coated diameter you need. Standard lead time is 4 weeks.
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