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Quick Wire & Tubing – 24-Hour Shipping of Wire and Hypodermic Tubing

Sometimes you just have to have your wire and hypodermic tubing ASAP. With Tegra Medical’s Quick Wire & Tubing you can get the in-stock lengths you need shipped within 24 hours. Whether you’re in R&D or manufacturing components for a big customer, you can’t afford to wait weeks for wire and hypotube. This is why Tegra Medical stocks a large inventory of wire and tubing materials in various lengths for quick delivery.

See Quick Wire and Tubing Terms below for details.



We average two million feet of wire and hypotubing in stock, ready for quick delivery.

Give us a few more days and we'll custom cut, grind and finish it.

Quick Wire & Tubing Highlights:

  • 24-hour shipment of in-stock wire and hypotube.
  • Hypotube in 304 full-hard temper stainless steel, welded and drawn.
  • Wire in Nitinol, 304 SS, and limited stock of 316 LVM SS (can custom order).
  • PTFE and Parylene coated wire - some sizes available to ship same-day; custom coating of wire available.
  • The industry’s best lead-time on custom finishing. We typically need five to seven working days to cut and finish the wire and hypotubing to your specifications.
  • Dedicated customer service team for speedy, knowledgeable support.

Quick Wire & Tubing Terms

Standard wire and hypotubing in inventory is available to ship within 24 hours of order receipt. Orders with more than 5 different sizes may take up to 48 hours to process prior to shipping.

Online orders are limited to 10 different sizes and a maximum order of 100 pieces. Please call 508-541-4200 x1 to place orders exceeding these quantities.

Custom-cut orders are available to ship five to seven working days after receipt of order.

A Certificate of Conformance will be added to all orders at no extra charge.

Certificates of Analysis are available for each product for a $15 per product charge.

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