Tegra Medical offers progressive die stamping, which is a method that can encompass punching, coining, bending and several other ways to modify raw material, combined with an automatic feeding system. Precision metal stamping is a very cost-effective process for high volume, single use metal components used in minimally invasive surgery.

Stamping Die Fabrication

Metal Stamping

In addition to metal stamping, Tegra Medical offers cost effective, high quality stamping die fabrication. Our dies are engineered to allow complete spare part interchangeability and are built on precision ball bearing guided die sets. We offer cutting and forming components made from a variety of materials including CPM steels and tungsten carbide depending on your application.

Precision metal stamping and die fabrication are just a couple of the ways Tegra Medical helps deliver the lowest possible product costs while maintaining superior quality and consistency with exacting requirements.

High Powered Machinery for Precision Metal Stamping

Tegra Medical’s Costa Rica facility features a 28-ton Bruderer stamping press that is ideally suited for light-gauge, precision metal stamped medical components. Parts can be supplied loose or in a reel-to-reel configuration.

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