Tegra Medical excels in both PEEK machining and molding, and ensures that your PEEK-based devices are manufactured with the utmost efficiency, precision and quality.

PEEK devices

PEEK Machining

Our technology is second to none. As the first and only U.S. site using the most advanced turning centers available, we’re the most-equipped manufacturer in the industry to handle large-capacity jobs for machining PEEK. These machines, which combine the advantages of mill turning and Swiss machining centers, are excellent for machining complicated, odd-shaped parts with speed and precision.

To increase productivity, these systems include features that allow us to machine PEEK with a single set-up, which is also faster, more precise and cost-effective.

PEEK Machined

Watch us machine PEEK in this video

PEEK Molding

PEEK Medical Device

Tegra Medical has several dedicated molding machines that handle both horizontal and vertical molding for PEEK, allowing us to accommodate special requirements for delicate items or those with metal inserts, for example. We have both hot and cold runner processing.

Our expertise in molding tubes is unmatched, particularly when it comes to eliminating parting line flash where the two parts of a mold come together.

Convenient Cleanroom PEEK Molding

Choosing Tegra Medical as your partner in machining and molding your PEEK devices also brings the convenience of one-stop shopping. Mold your PEEK and non-PEEK items without ever leaving the Class 8 cleanroom environment. Other vendors may require you to ship your product elsewhere (even out of the country) for packaging. But at Tegra Medical everything is inspected in process, molded, and given a final inspection before going to our own Class 7 cleanroom for packaging.

cleanroom for molding

Learn more in our sell sheet on machining and molding PEEK.

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