Many customers have unique needs for their medical needle products. In addition to the specialty needles that Tegra Medical offers, we can manufacture virtually any custom needle geometry along with the exact fittings, handles and other features you need.


Our custom needle manufacturing services include:

  • Insert molding of custom fittings, such as:
    • Luer hubs for making leak-free connections.
    • Handles in the material, shape and size that matches your needs.
    • PEEK molding for the cleanest possible edges. We offer both cold (water) and hot (oil) runner molding.
  • Specialty coatings for dielectric properties and lubricity.
  • Finishing services for echogenicity, polishing, laser marking, laser abrading and grit blasting.
  • Hermetic sealing of hypodermic tubing.
  • Needles with slots for holding implants, sensors, or venting.
  • Coaxial needle assemblies.
  • Custom marking or pad printing for improved identification and handling.
  • Custom diameters, including the ability to swage the diameter, offering a gradual reduction in outside diameter (OD) and inside diameter (ID) measurements.

Real-life Custom Needles

Below are some examples of how Tegra Medical can custom-manufacture specialty needles and hypotubing to meet specific customer needs:

Suture Anchor Device

Capabilities for Manufacturing Needles

With a huge range of manufacturing capabilities, Tegra Medical is positioned to offer a nearly limitless choice of options for your needles. Some of our capabilities available for custom needle manufacturing include:

  • Laser cutting – to create custom laser-cut patterns for producing flexible needles that can traverse any path.
  • Laser marking and chemical etching – to apply custom depth marks or any logo to your products.
  • Laser welding – for combining materials or attaching fittings to your needles.
  • Precision grinding – to create stepped diameters or multiple transitions along the length of your product.
  • CNC Swiss machining – for applying a machined feature or even a custom fitting or hub to your needle.
  • Electrical discharge machining – for burr-free drilling of holes and custom geometry using conventional EDM hole popping and sinker EDM technologies.
  • Electrochemical machining and deburring – burr-free machining options to produce slots, vents, or notches on your needles.
  • Nitinol shape setting – to create custom deployment of needles through an introducer.
  • Wire/tube forming – for creating retention features or forming fluid paths as part of a co-axial needle assembly.
  • Tip forming – using various cold-working and grinding processes we can produce needles in any geometry including pencil points, hermetically sealed tips, solid trocar points, and more.
  • Insert molding – for optimal product quality and reliability.
  • Cleaning and finishing – validated finishing and cleaning options including ultrasonic cleaning, electrochemical deburring/polishing, electropolishing and citric passivation.
  • Assembly/packaging/sterilization – your custom needles assembled and sterile-packaged, all ready for your next steps.
Six-foot Needle
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