Deep hole drilling was developed for the manufacturing of guns, hence the name gundrilling. Originally a slow and expensive process, advances in technology have made it highly efficient. In medical device manufacturing, gundrilling is an ideal solution for most deep hole requirements. The process produces accurate, repeatable holes with excellent surface finishes. It is commonly used to produce cannulated screws, nails and drills.


Tegra Medical’s Memphis facility features several Eldorado gundrilling machines, including a twin spindle unit. The versatility of gundrilling machinery makes the process ideally suited for low as well as high volume production, and allows Tegra Medical to respond quickly to changing customer demands.

Gundrilling Capabilities

Tegra Medical’s gundrilling capabilities include the ability to create:

  • Straightness tolerances of .001” (.025mm) per foot
  • Concentricity tolerances of .001” (.025mm) per inch
  • Hole diameter tolerances of +/- .0005” (.0127mm)
  • Finish tolerances as low as 4 Ra.
  • Burr-free intersections
  • Consistent reproduction from hole to hole

Many customers find that the combination of our extensive swiss-turning capabilities and gundrilling are key elements for the successful launch of their medical device products.

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