Laser Cut HypotubeTegra Medical offers two different electrochemical processes for machining, deburring and polishing metal parts: conventional electropolishing (EP) and the CoolPulse electrolytic process. Both processes have their place depending on the material, geometry and product specifications of your medical device. These processes can:
  • Produce burr-free edges on complex geometries
  • Create highly polished, smooth finishes and radiused edges
  • Deburr, polish, and radius complex components cost-effectively

CoolPulse Applications in Medical Manufacturing

CoolPulse consistently provides superior finishing results with no stressing or deforming of the workpart and does it without the need for close tolerance conformal tooling. This is ideal for the manufacturing challenges of small, precise medical devices.

At first glance, CoolPulse may seem like traditional electropolishing. In fact, it is very different. It removes unwanted material without harmful, corrosive compounds. It uses a perfectly safe, chilled, non-fuming/odorless, near-neutral pH, solution versus some of the harmful, unstable compounds traditionally used in EP. At microscopic levels, CoolPulse eliminates even the most minuscule of imperfections providing the smoothest of surfaces free of the flaws that are capable of harboring contaminates or pathogens. The process is also capable of removing very rough surfaces – Ra of 2.5μm to 5μm and producing ultra-smooth surfaces down to 0.1μm.

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