Tegra Medical offers extensive Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) capabilities, which provide a superior manufacturing process for creating complex geometries. EDM is well-established as an essential capability for manufacturing medical devices, especially when working with tight tolerances and in circumstances where you need high accuracy and reproducibility.

Spine Spreader

Precise Medical Manufacturing with EDM

EDM can be used to create a burr-free hole with rounded edges in either wire or tubing without making contact with the material. The EDM process accurately erodes the material in the shape of the electrode (brass or copper tungsten). Electrodes can be shaped or used to create a single hole, or they can erode the material on the heel of a bevel to create a non-coring heel. With Tegra Medical’s EDM capabilities your medical devices will be manufactured precisely. Spinal Instrument Collection Our experience in medical EDM includes manufacturing products such as:

  • Ribbon needles
  • Suturing devices
  • Orthopaedic instruments
  • Bone drills
  • Lead springs
  • Stone baskets
  • Stylets
  • Ring tubes
  • RF ablation probes

Wire and Sinker Expertise

Tegra Medical is equipped to handle your most demanding EDM needs thanks to a large assortment of high-performance wire and sinker EDM machines.

EDM machines are only as good as their operators. Tegra Medical’s EDM department is staffed by skilled, experienced technicians using sophisticated Master Cam software. Our staff is equipped to use these complex EDM machines to cut complex geometric profiles and ultimately help you bring your medical devices to market.

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