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CNC milling and turning is a critical aspect of medical device manufacturing. Tegra Medical’s large inventory of vertical machining centers and multi-axis lathes give us the flexibility and capacity to machine a wide range of products, from tiny components used in arthroscopy to large, reusable instruments for hip, knee and spine procedures.

Using 5-axis high-speed milling and multi-axis turning capabilities, we can machine complex shapes in a single set-up, which reduces production costs, time and potential errors. 5-axis CNC milling is a particularly cost-effective alternative to multiple fixturing for prototypes and short production runs. But cost-effectiveness is only part of the story. 5-axis CNC milling produces a more accurate part as five sides of the part can be machined without losing positional accuracy.

Watch us CNC-mill an aluminum device in this video:

Cost-Effective, Accurate CNC Milling & Turning

Spinal Instrument

Tegra Medical invests in the latest technology to ensure our cycle times are short and our processes are capable for tight tolerance designs. With more than 25 machining centers available, we have the capacity to support the largest product launches.

We offer dedicated CNC milling machines that run without lubricant for machining PEEK-OPTIMA®* polymer and have experience with a wide variety of materials used in orthopaedic implants and instruments.

*PEEK-OPTIMA® is a registered trademark of Invibio Limited in the European Community and elsewhere.
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