Grit Blast Secondary Operator (2nd shift)

Location: Franklin, MA

Job Title:

Grit Blast Secondary Operator

Job Purpose:

The Secondary Operator performs any and/or all of the following Secondary operation tasks in various departments.  Primarily this position will be in Grit Blast. Potential growth and cross-training include:  EZ Grind, Speed Lathe, deburring, tumbling, electro chemical polishing, light assembly, Lynx/Visual inspection, taping, cleaning and passivating, abrasive cutting, masking, end rounding/chamfering, tip guarding and packaging of small and fragile medical components.  Operate processes and inspect machined work pieces to achieve blueprints specifications.


  • Run machines; achieve print specifications including quality and throughput.
  • Implement Continuous Improvement activities.
  • Perform JobBOSS transactions.
  • Perform required daily maintenance to equipment and tools.
  • Work from established procedures to achieve parts per print and quality specification.
  • Handle critical machine components.
  • Work with other and/or alone while operating multiple machines.
  • Measure dimensions using precision instruments such as micrometers, calipers, dial indicator, snap gauge and special gauges to ensure product meets specification.
  • Measure and maintain bath concentrations and record data. Perform pH measurements and titration analysis with specific testing procedures and protocol.
  • Abrasive blast various components utilizing manual, semi-automatic and automatic equipment to produce desired results per blueprint and/or process specifications. Maintain equipment and change media as needed.
  • Observe machine operation, inspect finished workpiece to verify conformance of specifications.
  • Operate EZ-Surf CNC grinder and other machinery to run parts at predetermined production rates.
  • Simultaneous to machine operation, perform a variety of secondary operations as required.


Must be detail oriented and analytical. Ability to read and interpret blueprints. Must be able to inspect product produced using measurement tools.  Must have flexible approach to work and be able to adjust to changes in workload and business needs. Prior experience in a machine shop experience is a plus.

 Level of Skill, Education and Experience:

High school diploma or equivalent.  Effectively respond to verbal and written instructions. Problem solving skills. Effective interpersonal and communication skills. Possess a positive attitude. Must be able to work both as an individual contributor as well as be part of a team player. Exceptional attention to detail.

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