EDM Operator (1st and 3rd shifts)

Location: Franklin, MA

Job Title:

EDM Operator

Job Description:

Operate Electrical Discharge Machines (EDM) or similar equipment to specifications, following standard charts and manuals, applying knowledge of electrical-discharge machining process and methods, electric currents and circuitry, metal properties, and shop mathematics, in order to shape metal workpieces that adhere to extremely tight tolerances.


  • Operate Charmilles 240cc , Brother wire EDM, and a Charmille CNC Holepopper to blueprint specifications.
  • Run production per schedule.
  • Read blueprint and job order for product specs such as dimensions, tolerances, number of parts to be processed.
  • Use blueprint data to program Wire EDM using a cam system.
  • Use dial indicator to correctly square up work piece.
  • Perform routine maintenance on the Wire EDM machine.
  • Position and secure workpiece on machine table with clamps, vise, or fixture.
  • Position and secure electrodes in holder on surface plate, verifying concentricity, alignment, and depth, using measuring instruments, such as calipers and dial indicators.
  • Mount electrodes and holder on machine spindle, using vernier dials to verify alignment of electrode and workpiece.
  • Position gauge blocks, dial indicator and spindle stop on machine so that descending electrode will stop at specified depth when indicator feeler point touches gauge blocks.
  • Adjust flow of dielectric coolant over electrode and workpiece or to immerse in circulating bath.
  • Adjust machine setting, such as voltage, current, frequency, and electrode feed rate, according to information on charts or knowledge of electrical discharge maching procedures.
  • Verify proper parts and fixturing.
  • Verify dimensions of finished workpiece for conformance to specs using optical comparator, gauge blocks and gauge pins.
  • Work with Team Leader to monitor and study cycle times.
  • Perform 1st piece and In-process inspections.
  • Implement continuous improvement activities.
  • Perform JobBOSS transactions.
  • Perform required daily maintenance to equipment and tools.

 Education & Experience:

High School Diploma or equivalent and at least two years EDM experience is required.

Ability to read and interpret documents such as safety rules, operating and maintenance instructions, and procedure manuals.

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