Tegra Medical provides a variety of validated finishing and cleaning options for your medical devices, including ultrasonic cleaning, electrochemical deburring/polishing, electropolishing and citric passivation. Our specialists will work closely with you to determine the best finishing process for your particular medical device.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning works well for products made from wire and tube, cannulas, welded assemblies, and machined parts with difficult-to-clean features such as blind holes. Ultrasonic cleaning:

  • Is the cost-effective cleaning method for metal parts
  • Is capable of cleaning microscopic details typically missed by alternative processes
  • Has the ability to clean inside of tubes and parts

Electrochemical Deburring and Electropolishing

We use electrochemical deburring and electropolishing to finish products that have been laser cut, EDM’d, or ground. Generally, we use this electrochemical process for most parts requiring deburring and/or polishing. Electrochemical deburring and electropolishing:

  • Creates highly polished smooth finishes and radiused edges
  • Chemical process produces burr-free edges on complex geometries
  • Cost effectively deburrs, polishes, and radiuses complex components

Citric Passivation

Citric passivation is a surface finishing technology that uses safe, environmentally friendly citric acid (as opposed to nitric acid) to remove tiny particles such as free iron from the surface of stainless steel parts to help them resist future corrosion. Citric passivation also can remove sulfides exposed on the surface of free-machining stainless alloys.

We use citric passivation to finish stainless steel parts according to ASTM A967. Citric passivation:

  • Uses safer, environmentally friendly materials
  • Allows higher bath temperatures and the use of ultrasonics
  • Attacks only the free irons, leaving the other elements of stainless steel intact
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