Partnerships with Tegra Medical

We partner with our OEM customers.

What a partnership with Tegra Medical includes


Thoughtful approach

Partnering provides us with the insight to adapt to and accommodate to customers’ changing needs. For example, beginning the relationship with DFMA reduces cost, increases quality, and shortens the development cycle of a medical device.

Consistency and simplicity

It’s simpler for an OEM if a single manufacturing partner can handle every step, especially if it’s in-house. It starts with DFMA, then progresses to prototyping, pilot production, full-scale production, and then assembly, labeling, and packaging.

many manufacturing capabilities

Broad range of capabilities

From the sharp metal tip to the ergonomic plastic handle, a device may require numerous machines in order to be completed. We’re experts in all the required manufacturing methods.

automated cleaning system

Maximum efficiency

We know how to maximize efficiency and cost-effectiveness during the production process. Robots, automated cleaning, and even slight tweaks can make a significant difference during large production runs.


We can handle it

Many devices are more than just the “business end,” used for injecting, poking, or cutting. The design and function of handles is very important to the person gripping it in an operating room. We’ll make your entire device.

Quality and Regulatory


We’re the guardians of your reputation for quality. We follow robust quality procedures and cGMP practices like ISO and U.S. FDA compliance; examination of first-pass yields; real-time statistical process control; lean manufacturing/Six Sigma tools; Black Belt-certified engineers; and validation of special processes to ensure repeatability, minimize inspection time, and reduce cost.

Sharp devices

Sharp parts

Working with metal is a core competency. Our proprietary processes protect the crucial sharp edges and maintain tight tolerances, even during insert molding.

Sharp people at Tegra Medical

Sharp people

We’ve got a sharp team that completely understands the medtech industry and all its pressures. From our Black Belt-certified engineers to our dedicated, experienced production team, we’re applying the latest skills in advanced manufacturing to your projects.  We believe that OEMs and CMOs that work well together also grow together.

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